Scrap Processing

We are owners of the slag dump in Bulgaria and Operators of the slag dump in Romania-Resita. We have our own heavy machines for handling the fresh and old slag and making total logistic operations from our scrap suppliers to the slag yard of the Steel Mills.
Slag management comprises the whole processing route of steel slag, from clearing away the hot slag, transportation and processing to final recycling or disposal. Ecometal adapts Concept and implementation of the slag management to specific customer demands and local conditions.

EM provides complete range of scrap handling and processing services. Our plants sort, clean, shear, torch, shred and bale unprepared scrap metal to customer specifications. We also load, mix and deliver charge boxes directly to the melt shop furnace.

We handle and process million tons of mill scale revert, industrial and obsolete scrap for reuse annually. Our modern shredding plant can rip an automobile into fist-size pieces of clean, dense steel in less than one minute. We assure quality control with such tools and processes as visual inspection, sorting and radioactive and analytical testing. Computerized monitoring systems maximize equipment uptime and efficiency.

Scrap Products


Our specialized equipment are used to collect and process various types of mill scrap. Processes include cutting, breaking, screening, to produce various sizes of scrap for return to the furnace. Our widely developed collection net work, transportation abilities and state to the art equipment for effective materials treatment  turned us in one of the most desired steel mills partner. We are delivering from our bases to the mills scrap yards materials according to European, other standards and mills requirements.

At ecometal, we produce drossless/burrless cutting and slitting. These operations can be linked to caster processing to minimize material handling.

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