About us

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. was established in 2002 with main line of business – rading in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. Since then the firm has been continuously developing and expanding its ecological activities.

There is no other place in Europe where so many recycling facilities are gathered on one place. In practice, after commissioning of all commenced projects and already operating plants, the effect of zero environmental pollution will be achieved.

All the facilities and recycling technique are of the highest rate, fully conforming to the environmental standards.

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. runs the most up-to-date shredding plant in Eastern Europe for treatment of end-of-life motor vehicles (EOLMV) and motor vehicle waste. It is manufactured by the German company Metso Lindemann. “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. was the first in Bulgaria to introduce a shredding plant for old vehicles treatment and the first to adopt the system of payment for end-of-life cars and their collection from the site. “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. has recycled over 50 000 vehicles.

The company runs the only plant in Bulgaria for oil filters processing and a plant for processing of all kinds end-of-life tyres. “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. owns also the first imported in Bulgaria plant for end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment processing.

Besides, an unique for Bulgaria project for plasma plant for residue-free treatment of waste generated during operation of the company is being developed, which will result in 100% closing of the ecological cycle through full sequestration of the harmful residue (freons, spent oils, etc.).

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. has a modern plant for deferrization and separation of the blast and steel production slag through which the slag is deironed and fractioned till reaching refined raw materials: inert materials and metal return.

The ecological activities of the company are supplemented by the wind-park and solar-park projects of total capacity over 350 MW. “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. is also developing a project for introducing to Bulgaria recycling centres manufactured by the Norwegian firm Tomra which are the most up-to-date technology for separate waste collection and recycling of municipality waste of a package type – plastic bottles, metal cans, glass bottles, paper.

Since 2007 the company has developing a new sector of its activity – construction of the Yana-Sofia Intermodal Terminal.

The base of “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. in Sofia /Bulgaria/ is situated on an area of 90 decares at the foot of the Kremikovtsi Balkan. While designing the manufacturing and administrative buildings, the designers emphasize on the harmonious combination of the metal treatment process and the care for environment protection.

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. is a holder of all the necessary permits and licenses. The company activity is certified under the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and standard for ecology IS0 14001:2004.

Heavy-duty vehicles, special-purpose machines and plants. were purchased for the complete performance and support of the projects. The car fleet of “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. includes over 80 heavy-duty trucks, more than 15 light-duty and passenger cars and 6 road-emergency motor vehicles for haulage of old cars, over 50 special-purpose machines, front loaders, industrial excavators and scrapers. A number of machines, some of them unique for Bulgaria, have been adopted in the production process.

The great objective of the company is complete closing of the technological waste recycling process cycle (by means of front-end technologies and methods applied on a global scale) and achievement of full reutilization.

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd. as quickly become one of the leading companies in Bulgaria in the field of recycling, and in 2009 it was declared “Ecological Company of the Year”. The intensive and high-quality activity of the company enables it to occupy strong positions on the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe.